Why crowdfunding may just be the answer to turning your business idea into reality?

To date Crowdfunding is estimated to have created approximately 270,000 jobs world wide and injected more than $65 billion into the global economy, proving that this new method of raising capital is definitely here to stay.

When utilized correctly crowdfunding platforms provide the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch new products, fund innovative ideas and develop a global community in support of their business.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all rainbows and success as the media may lead you to believe. According to statistics provided by the #1 crowdfunding platform in the US, Kickstarter, of the 192,965 projects that have been launched on their site to date only 40% have succeeded in reaching their funding goal.

If you are looking to create a rewards based crowdfunding campaign, meaning that you plan to offer a current or future product/service in return for funds, then you cannot miss this workshop with crowdfunding experts Mercedes Grant and Mirey Faema.

In this two-day intensive workshop, you will learn how to develop a successful crowdfunding campaign, build a strong business to support your goals. Mercedes and Mirey view crowdfunding as the ultimate marketing strategy for your business. Through their own failures and successes they have developed a crowdfunding system that will give you the best possible start towards achieving success.

Mirey and Mercedes have contributed to the success of these crowdfunding campaigns:

• Indiegogo: Fractured Land( feature film) – Raised $52,520
• Indiegogo: Be Brave (feature film) – Raised $184,6714
• Indiegogo: Citizen Jane (feature film) – Raised $7,355
• Indiegogo: Arctic Elder Society (non-profit) – Raised $25,238
• Kickstarter: The Sticking Place (interactive film) – Raised $20,820

Mirey Faema & Mercedes Grant

Mirey Faema is a co-founder and team member at Cliq Crowdfunding, a new media company that helps entrepreneurs and film makers develop their crowdfunding strategy, Mirey focuses on helping crowdfunders with business development and reputation management.
She also founded Business Procedures Masterclass to help entrepreneurs plan, develop, streamline and implement procedures into their business so that they can find the time they need for business development.

Mercedes Grant has over 10 years of experience in independent film production, event management, project management and public relations. After successfully combining these skills to manage a number of high-profile Crowdfunding campaigns, Mercedes formed CLIQ (a team of new media specialists armed with the skills to guide organizations through the harrowin gwaters of crowdfunding) where she specialize in campaign strategy, team management and public relations.


Limited to 18 seats only – first come, first served. Reserve yours now:

Event Details:

Sat & Sun, April 11 & 12, 2015

9:30am to 4:30pm

Centre Culturel Francophone de Vancouver (CCFV)
1551 7th Ave W, Vancouver

What practical skill sets can you expect to acquire from this workshop?

• A strategy for your campaign

• A strong understanding of the crowdfunding economy

• A campaign “to-do” list

• A communications plan

• A plan of attack for your campaign launch video

• A business development strategy

• A clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t work when crowdfunding


• 7 Custom templates designed for developing your business and campaign

• Access to a recording of the workshop

• 30 Minute Private One-One phone coaching session following the event


DAY ONE – Morning

• The theory behind crowdfunding – Why crowdfunding?

• Why some campaigns work and others fail

• How to choose a platform

• Determining your funding goal

• How to prepare your business for a campaign

• Elements of a successful campaign

DAY ONE – Afternoon

• Pre-launch planning

• How to develop a working campaign team

• How to plan your rewards

• Budgeting for a campaign

• Planning your campaign timeline

• When and if to use stretch goals

DAY TWO – Morning

• Developing your story

• Developing your pitch video

• Campaign multimedia

• Communication planning

• Engaging your audience

DAY TWO – Afternoon

• Campaign aftermath – Fulfilling your rewards

• Managing your reputation

• Maintaining your community

• Continued business development

• Campaign evaluation

Limited to 18 seats only. Reserve yours now:

Event Details:

Sat & Sun, April 11 & 12, 2015

9:30am to 4:30pm

Centre Culturel Francophone de Vancouver (CCFV)
1551 7th Ave W, Vancouver


“Crowdfunding requires more than a fancy video and some cool perks. It takes a savvy and dedicated leader like Mercedes Grant to execute a successful campaign, someone who understands the mechanics and resources necessary for maximum exposure and earnings.

While working with her on a campaign I was constantly impressed by her deep and broad knowledge in the sophisticated and ever-shifting world of crowd sourced proceeds. Combined with a strong work ethic and a natural grace under pressure, Mercedes is at the forefront of crowdfunding expertise and her battle-tested experience will make your campaign a success.”

Arun Fryer - Producer, Citizen Jane

“With her knack for storytelling and tenacity in connecting projects with audiences, Mercedes helped us attract media to amplify our story and deliver new funders to our crowdfunding page.”

- Hilary Henegar, crowdfunding campaign director for Fractured Land
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