• GO! Special Workshop Series:

    A series of short duration, but high-impact & results-oriented advanced level training workshops aimed to give you the best of the best real-world strategies to succeed in today’s competitive market.

2-Day Intensive Linkedin Masterclass

with Wendy McClelland

With over 320 million members, Linkedin is the largest professional network in the world and the most powerful tool for you to build business connections.

Learn Wendy’s system and stategies to leverage the power of Linkedin to develop new businesses, joint venture partners, media interviews and more. Full details here …

Top-Down Business Builder Intensive

with Jonathan Chow

The reality is that it takes around 3 years for most entrepreneurs and new companies to establishe a reputation, a network of business partners, a client base and start making a profit. What if you could compress the process into 3 to 4 months, while making thousands within that time to continue to grow your business?
Jonathan has done that in 6 different cities in 5 unfamiliar countries across two continents… If you are committed to grow your business now, he will show you his secrets and proven tricks and strategies… Read More…

Mastering Email Marketing Automation

with Andrew Seipp

Email marketing is still the most effective online marketing tool. A study by Nielsen Norman Group, asking which medium consumers would like to receive updates from, 90% preferred an email newsletter, while only 10% chose Facebook. Learn advanced level, proven strategies to dramatically grow your sales and turn your business into a fully automated sales machine. More Details …

2-Day Comprehensive Crowdfunding Strategy Masterclass

with Mirey Faema & Mercedes Grant

Need money to get your great business idea off the ground? Every hour, more than $60,000 dollars are raised via crowdfunding throughout the world. But to successfully reach your crowdfunding financial objective, it takes more than just posting your campaign on a crowdfunding site. At this intensive 2-day crowdfunding strategy workshop, you will learn all the tricks and secrets to running a winning campaign that realize your entrepreneurial dream. Full Description here…

High Impact Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

with Iman Aghay

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be cost a lot of money. In fact, you can quite effectively market your business on a next to nothing budget. In this workshop you will learn the most cost effective system to get your message out to your customers. Find out more …

YouTube Marketing Masterclass

with Josh Rimer

YouTube provide an easily accessible medium for reaching your customers, building relationships, and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. People are more likely to click on a video than on an article because it’s easier to watch than to read. Here are a few advantages YouTube has… Read More

1-Day Public Relations Intensive

with Alice Zhou

The difference between big business and small is the reach of their audience, and how they manage their reputation. Most small business owner take it as it comes, and are constantly putting out fires it seems, while big business creates short term and long term strategies and …. Read More

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